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Welcome to Stala® IFAs 

Welcome to Stala® IFAs 

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We are the pioneer and preferred manufacturer of pre-engineered integrated framing assemblies and steel blast framing for ICF construction. 


We hope that you enjoy exploring our website. Feel free to contact us direct at 502-779-2127 anytime to review framing profiles.


You can also email with requests for details and specifications on pre-engineered ICF openings. 



Recently, thermally broken Stala® Frames were selected on the new Washington County High School -AND- New Armed Force Reserve Center in Tallahassee. 


Our ICF frames were selected over conventional bucks (including - vinyl or wood) to streamline the framing & finishing of Commercial ICF OPENINGS. We are a better solution to Commercial ICF window and doors because we coordinate numerous subcontractors in ADDITION to "bucking" out the ICF OPENING. For example, on our ICF doors we will integrate approved hardware direct into out units, thereby eliminating a hollow metal frame all-together. We will also provide returns/interfaces for masonry and drywall trades.


Hundreds of contractor actions will be eliminated with our pre-engineered system across consecutive divisions. As a result, the project will realize increased speed of construction and commercial-grade ICF Openings. 


In addition, for the military project in Tallahassee we meet the requirements for DoD LLOP / Blast Protection named as Steel Blast Frame.



We are excited to be involved in this High-Performance ICF Projects. Stala is the leader in Pre-Engineered ICF Frames.


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What are IFAs??


Integrated Framing Assemblies (IFAs), are pre-engineered commercial ICF frames that eliminate the need for wood, conventional block outs and additional materials to finish openings. The approach has been developed specifically for commercial ICF projects to coordinate multiple subcontractors. Our team of engineers and specialists can help design teams detail openings to link and align materials throughout the openings. This includes ICF aligmnent channels, a variety of closures, material returns and door/hardware preparations. As a result IFAs interface with and speed up: ICF Installation; Window Installation; Door Installation; Interior/Exterior Finishes; Window Sills and Electronic Preparations. IFAs have proven invaluable because we look beyond "bucking" the opening, eliminating inconsistencies experienced with conventional materials. IFA openings remain true speeding up multiple subcontractors throughout the entire construction process. As a result, we help the building open on time. 


In building operations IFAs reduce maintenance and further close the building envelope as the assembly is an air/water barrier. Further, IFAs improve ICF wall strength and meet DoD Blast. 


STALA® has been specified on the following High Performance Building Types: Education / HealthCare / Municipal / Military / DoD projects / MILCON / NAVFAC ICF projects. We would like the opportunity to discuss the needs of your ICF project and share detailed solutions. Contact us anytime at #502-779-2127 or via email We have hundreds of profiles and solutions to link and align materials in ICF openings. Stala® is the preferred provider and pioneer of Integrated Framing Assemblies (IFAs). This system will true up/straighten ICF walls and create true/consistent openings eliminating the need to revisit/rework openings. 






Stala® is available in standard and customizable profiles (standard and thermally-broken) for: Education; Healthcare; and Military ICF projects. Stala® improves ICF wall performance when subjected to blast loads on Dod projects and meets the stringent requirements of heavy commecial construction.


Since 2006, we have continually pushed our designs to meet the needs of a variety of owner/operators.  Our team of building professionals and engineers are experts in commercial construction and have completed ICF/IFA projects exceeding 300,000SF with hundreds of IFA openings. 


Thank you for visiting us and we hope you enjoy the solutions we offer. Call us direct 502-779-2127 for further technical details and information on Stala®. 


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Stala's Pioneering ICF wall alignment and concrete attachment mechanisms were a gamechanging design for large projects. The entire construction process benefits from this design as follows:


1. Contractors benefit from ICF wall alignment, as EPS formwork is inserted into the IFA. The frame is delivered fully-welded ready for placement -- no buck needed.


2. Temporary bracing is inserted per IFA manufacturer guidelines


3. Concrete is then placed in ICF/IFA wall. Concrete flows around the continuous anchor flanges, internal vibrators are used to aid in consolidation. 


4. The IFA opening is cast direct into the ICF wall, opening integrity is maintained due to Stala's reinforced design. 


5. Temporary bracing is removed after concrete cures.


6. Subsequent sub-contractors will further speed up with built-in hardware preparations, closures and returns. 


7. Product helps the project open on time


8. Owner / Operator will reduce and eliminate maintenance with Stala IFA.


9. Since the Stala IFA unit is completely cohered to the ICF concrete wall the unit acts as an air / water barrier around the opening eliminating infiltation for the project life-cycle.


We work with the design team to create zero-waste framing assembies which speed up the construction process delivering best value and life-cycle performance to project owners. 


View a sample of the high-performance ICF projects we've been involved in at the photo/ slideshow link in the upper left of our website.

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